Every employee has different personal requirements and wishes. Will the new team member be accompanied by family? Does he want to live close to the company? Can he master the German language? Do the children need a place in kindergarten (nursery school)?

This needs analysis is carried out in close alignment between the responsible corporate representative and the new team member, whereby the latter doesn't need to be concerned. The idea is that he can apply himself fully to his new function in the company and not have to worry about organising his driving licence at the local administration office in Miesbach or Rosenheim.

Greetings in Oberland….

The idea of the first „look and see“ is to give your specialists and management a first impression of their „new home“. First impressions are important, which is why we have created an orientation package with the objective to convince the clients of the proposed offering. This package includes:

  • Airport collection or elsewhere
  • Local orientation tours (public transport, shopping possibilities, clubs, sports facilities, doctors etc.)
  • Exact evaluation of requirements with matching recommendations

Looking forward to welcoming you!

It is not just the professional environment which is new and different, but also the private surroundings which are unfamiliar. For this reason, we take care of any questions or requests which can pop up in the early days or weeks!

  • Can I get a place for my child in the local kindergarten?
  • How do I get around using public transport?
  • Which language school could be recommended?
  • Where are the best places to shop?
  • What sport amenities are available?
  • How does the medical system work?
  • What restaurants can be recommended?

The list is by no means complete, there are many more questions. We know the answers and have the solutions.

Our ambition for all „new arrivals“ who come to work in Holzkirchen, Sauerlach, Miesbach or Bad Tölz is to ensure that they feel at home from the beginning! Based on a prior analysis of your clients needs, my team and I seek the perfect home and ensure that everything is prepared from day one.

Our service doesn't stop there! Are renovations necessary? Is a craftsman needed? We take care of all the details, so that by the time the new employee arrives, he can just move into his new suite, luxurious 4-bedroomed apartment or stand-alone house and enjoy a beautiful mountain view. „feel at home“ - Right from the start!

No job is finished until the paperwork is done! Here we can save your new employee lots of valuable time at the various but necessary administrative offices and take care of the formalities.

  • Registration with local authorities and tax office
  • Application for work permit
  • Organising new telephone and internet connection
  • Open bank accounts
  • Car registration
  • Register with electricity, gas, water suppliers
  • Organising official document i.e. driving licence, translations etc.

All activities will be clearly and accurately documented as a matter of form.

Auf Wiedersehen – Arrivederci – Good bye

The time has come for you to take up a brand new challenge in another exciting location and to say good bye to beautiful Bavaria! You can avoid all the stress that goes with moving house and simply look forward to your future. Part of our service is to plan each step of your relocation:

  • Co-ordinate all the necessary paperwork
  • Shop around for the best shipping offers
  • Take action if any tradesmen are needed

As part of our all-around professional relocation service, we can offer much more to make your move as comfortable and stress-free as possible.